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Granite Tax Connect's Phase 2

Published Friday Oct 30, 2020

Granite Tax Connect's Phase 2

The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (NHDRA) has launched the second phase of its new online user portal and revenue management system, providing approximately 148,000 NH taxpayers with an improved online experience.

This is the largest of the three phases in NHDRA’s modernizing of the tax collection and payment system. NHDRA, which collects more than $2 billion in taxes each year, expects the full implementation for all tax types to be complete by the end of 2021.

NHDRA launched phase two of the Revenue Information Management System (RIMS) and Granite Tax Connect (GTC), its online user portal, on October 5, 2020, for those who pay the NH Business Profits Tax, Business Enterprise Tax, Interest & Dividends Tax, and Communication Services Tax or about 139,000 taxpayers.

Granite Tax Connect allows taxpayers, operators, and practitioners to complete tasks online, such as file taxes electronically, schedule automated online payments, schedule estimated payments, view correspondence from NHDRA, check on the status of returns, payments, refund and credit requests, web requests, and more. 

“Our initial launch of RIMS and GTC has been an incredible success for taxpayers who have adopted GTC as their method of interacting with NHDRA, and we are excited to introduce this technology to the next group of taxpayers,” said NHDRA Commissioner Lindsey Stepp. “Beyond ease of use for taxpayers, GTC and RIMS have streamlined our processes internally, enabling us to more effectively support our taxpayers and carry out our mission of fairly and efficiently administering the tax laws of the State of New Hampshire.”

GTC allows taxpayers and tax professionals to manage multiple accounts, file and amend returns, view balances, schedule payments, view correspondence, register new accounts, and update information. Other user highlights include the following:

  • Unique logins for different users under the same license, such as the owner and manager of one restaurant, with control over access to information for each user.
  • Option to save bank and payment information.
  • Pay assessments received by NHDRA electronically.
  • Password recovery for forgotten passwords.
  • Enhanced virtual customer support.
  • Stored communication from NHDRA – provides relevant mail correspondence from NHDRA for users to view online through GTC.
  • Connect multiple tax types to one user, such as a Meals & Rentals operator with an existing GTC account connecting his or her Business Profits Tax or Business Enterprise Tax information.
  • Schedule a full year ahead of estimated payments with the option to adjust at any time.

Additionally, without logging in, users can apply for a payment plan, pay from a voucher, look up a license, apply for a Meals & Rentals license and, now in phase two, anonymously report suspected tax fraud, request certifications, such as certificates of good standing and dissolution, and submit a request to add a new or modify an existing Power of Attorney.   

“We are especially excited to offer the new Power of Attorney request function through GTC in this phase, which we know taxpayers and practitioners will find much simpler,” Stepp said. “Rather than printing, completing manually and faxing, the entire application process can be done online. Additionally, the new form will guide users through what information is required of them, and make sure those requirements are properly filled out before the request is submitted to NHDRA, which will help improve accuracy and reduce the number of follow-ups needed between the applicant and NHDRA.”

Tax professionals and taxpayers of the Business Profits Tax, Business Enterprise Tax, Interest & Dividends Tax, and Communication Services Tax can access and create a user profile on GTC by visiting Taxpayers with questions should contact NHDRA Taxpayer Services at (603) 230-5920, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Although extra staff will be on standby to assist with taxpayer inquiries following the second launch, taxpayers could experience longer than usual wait times as NHDRA assists users through inquiries they may have regarding GTC.

NHDRA urges taxpayers with access to GTC to consider the following for a smooth transition:

  • Log into GTC well in advance of filing deadlines to become familiar with the system.
  • When creating a user account, have the Tax Identification and license number (if applicable) on hand, along with a secondary piece of information, such as a recent letter ID from NHDRA or last payment line from a recent filing. 
  • Explore and ask questions far in advance of the return/payment due date to allow for proper response.

NHDRA has been working with FAST Enterprises to prepare for this second phase of the rollout, providing information on a dedicated webpage with GTC resources and conducting demonstrations. Twenty FAST Enterprises employees were relocated to New Hampshire to join the NHDRA team during implementation, which began in late 2018, and six NHDRA staff members are dedicated to the project full-time.

Phase three, the final phase, is expected to launch by the end of 2021 and will include all remaining tax types collected by NHDRA. 

Pictured above, from left: Lisa Crowley, Project Director, NHDRA, Carollynn Lear, Assistant Commissioner, NHDRA, Lindsey Stepp, Commissioner, NHDRA, and AJ Erickson, Project Director, Fast Enterprises.

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