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Exploring the Profitability of Values

Published Monday Jun 4, 2012

Every business is looking for new ways to get ahead, but one of the keys to success may be as old as the company-its values. At its annual spring conference, NH Businesses for Social Responsibility focused on Walking the Talk: The Profitability of Values.

NH Businesses for Social Responsibility fosters socially and environmentally responsible business in NH by promoting the link between people, principles and profits. As such, the topics of the breakout sessions at the annual conference included Achieving a Culture of Employee Health & Wellness, Bootstrapping a Sustainability Program, Why a Diverse Workforce Makes Sense in the New Economy, Demonstrating the Value of Corporate Social Responsibility Metrics, Costs and Benefits, and Engaging Employees in Social Responsibility.

NH Business for Social Responsibility is promoting Antioch University New England Net Impact chapter's Perpetual Food Drive at the conference by asking attendees to bring non-perishable food for the NH Food Bank. Attendees will also receive a reusable lunch tote that will include a pledge card asking that one food item be donated each week to address ongoing food needs in the state. 

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