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Ecogastronomy: An Unusual Major at UNH

Published Friday Jan 31, 2020

Ecogastronomy: An Unusual Major at UNH

Studies have shown that only half of incoming college freshmen know what they want to do when they start college. It used to be required that you declare a major when you start your first year of college but, over the years, there has been a decline in that requirement.

Many colleges and schools in the United States will allow students to start school without declaring a major, and a large number of schools now give students the opportunity to ‘build their own.’

There are hundreds of areas of study to choose from. If you have passion in a certain area and would like to build a career on that passion, there is a strong chance that there is a college out there that offers the program you need to make that into a reality. Even if it is a little out there. compiled a list of the most unique or unusual college majors, including UNH’s own Ecogastronomy.

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