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Durham Company Wins Year of Marketing

Published Thursday Sep 13, 2018

Durham Company Wins Year of Marketing

After all the votes were tallied, Savoir Faire Marketing/Communications has awarded HydroComp, Inc. of Durham one year of free marketing services. The prize is valued at $75,000.

This summer, Savoir Faire hosted a contest for NH for-profit businesses to try to win a year of marketing services. Representatives of companies submitted entries, which were narrowed to five finalists by Savoir Faire. Then, the public voting took place in August 2018, with HydroComp emerging as the winner.

“We’re ready to make waves with HydroComp!” Stephanie McLaughlin, principal at Savoir Faire, says. “We were excited to see so many fans of these five businesses come out to support them with votes. In the end, though, HydroComp was the clear winner.”

HydroComp, Inc. creates software products for maritime vehicle designers, which are tested and supported by a team of experienced engineers who demonstrate reliable, detailed driven results. Designers use the tools to confidently conduct technical calculations to reduce carbon footprints, protect marine mammals and operate efficiently.

“For ship design with a ‘porpoise’ in mind, the overall impact of a more-sustainable shipping industry resonates around the world and throughout all of our lives. HydroComp’s goals include fuel-efficient transit, quiet waterways with reduced emissions, and the implementation of emerging technologies,” says Liz McCrary, marketing communications manager of HydroComp.

HydroComp has been in business for 34 years, but the company is looking to enhance their brand for a bold marketing re-launch. “While the team members at HydroComp are masters at their crafts, they need help marketing themselves to cast a wider net,” McLaughlin says.

“As a small technology-to-market company, free marketing services to reboot our image would allow us to focus funding on software development,” McCrary says. “There is an opportunity right now for us to stand out in the industry, and with Savoir Faire, I know our message would spread.”

The year of free marketing will commence on Monday, October 1, 2018. From there, Savoir Faire will help HydroComp solve challenges with the development and implementation of a smart, strategic marketing program.

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