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Drafty House Needed

Published Wednesday Sep 8, 2021

Drafty House Needed

This fall and winter, Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity (UVHFH) will host a series of three workshops. The topics will include Weatherization 101; Tools Basics; and Introduction to Carpentry. More details to come, but in the meantime, the organization is seeking a drafty house to use as an example for the weatherization workshop in early December. There is also an opportunity for someone who wants a small shed or chicken coop and is willing to pay for materials and host a mini build in their backyard this fall.

“We anticipate that due to COVID, all participants would need to be masked, especially for the indoor Weatherization workshop. Workshop hosts would ideally be located in the core of the Upper Valley for ease of access,” a statement reads. Email Eva if you are interested in hosting one of these workshops.

Meanwhile, the board of directors voted to postpone breaking ground on a new home in Lebanon and will start the project in Spring 2022, when the cost of building materials will hopefully have dropped.

Instead of building a new home this fall, the group is taking on some smaller repair projects, some of which will be carried out in partnership with Senior Solutions' new Vet to Vet Vermont Visitor Program. The volunteer-based home visiting program is conducted by veterans for veterans who need companionship and/or support.          

On a Saturday in August, UVHFH Project Manager John Heath lead a small project constructing a new set of stairs for veteran Fran. Gary Schall, manager of the Vet to Vet program at Senior Solutions, and veteran and volunteer Gordon Best helped as well. Fran's landlord paid for the materials and she is enjoying her new, sturdy stairs, thanks to John, Gary and Gordon. (Pictured Gordon, Fran and Gary show off Fran's new steps). To connect with the Vet to Vet program, call 802-885-2669.



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