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Chambers Urge Support for COVID Safety

Published Wednesday Apr 21, 2021

Chambers Urge Support for COVID Safety

The NH Commerce Corridor (NHCC), a coalition of seven Chambers of Commerce from across the southern and capital regions of the state are urging the public to support local businesses by respecting and following COVID- 19 safe guidelines, like weaing masks. Chamber leaders from the NHCC share the following statement:

“While the State of New Hampshire’s mask mandate is expiring, it is important we continue to work together to keep our business community healthy, safe, and open. As is recommended by public health officials and is still required by the State’s business reopening guidelines, wearing a mask indoors and when social distancing is not possible is a proven strategy to contain and fight the spread of COVID-19.”

“After the State’s business reopening guidelines transition to ‘universal best practices’ on May 7th, business owners will determine what guidelines to keep in place based on what is in the best interests of their employees and customers. New Hampshire residents have been incredibly generous and supportive to local businesses during this challenging time. Respecting and following the safety guidelines business owners choose to put in place is another important way to show your support for local businesses.”

“Throughout the pandemic the business community has proven to be innovative and resilient no matter what challenges have been thrown their way. We urge all citizens to listen to and support these businesses as they continue to adapt to new changes in guidelines and phases of the pandemic.”

“Thanks to the efforts of our state and community leaders, public health officials, and front-line health care workers, we are making steady progress against the COVID-19 pandemic. As the incredibly successful vaccine rollout continues here in New Hampshire, being mindful of and following safety guidelines can mean all the difference towards a speedy recovery and return to normalcy for all.”

The NH Commerce Corridor has created universal Mask Up! signage businesses can download, print, and use to inform and encourage customers to wear masks. Downloadable Mask Up! Signage for Business Use

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