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Catholic Medical Center Names New CMO

Published Tuesday Aug 18, 2020

Michael Gilbert Catholic Medical Center named Michael Gilbert, MD, MS, MHCDS as the new vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer.  He comes to CMC from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord, where he was medical director of the clinic.  He also held the post of a medical director of Monadnock Community Hospital’s endoscopy unit. 

Gilbert will oversee the administrative and professional functions of all medical staff services related to physicians, surgeons, and advanced practice providers at CMC, setting the direction for clinical, quality, and cultural excellence in the system. 

“Strong organizations require strong leadership at all levels,” says CMC President & CEO Dr. Joseph Pepe.  “Dr. Gilbert’s multiple leadership positions and community service give him a unique understanding of local culture, core values and community dynamics. We are looking forward to the physician leadership and insight into health care delivery that he will bring to CMC.

CMC’s medical staff has also elected a new president, Patricia Furey, MD, FACS, MBA. Dr. Furey is the first woman in CMC history to be elected to the post.  In this role, she will represent the interests of CMC providers on the board of trustees and in discussions around policies and procedures that impact the medical staff. 


“Dr. Furey has long been an advocate for both clinical and business excellence,” Dr. Pepe adds.  “She has a keen sense for how to deliver innovation and quality to patients while also supporting the growth of her colleagues and the organization.  She is an excellent choice to represent the medical staff and a fantastic role model for other women physician leaders.”

“I’m excited to be joining CMC and being a part of this wonderfully compassionate culture,” says Gilbert.  “It is an honor to lead the medical staff here, which has shown time and again its dedication to excellence, innovation, and mission.”

“I have been a member of the CMC medical community for over 17 years and it is a privilege to serve in this role,” says Furey. “We have an incredibly talented and dedicated team of nurses, physicians and healthcare heroes and full leadership support to successfully navigate the challenges we face in healthcare today."

Pictured above: Dr. Gilbert (top) and Dr. Furey, the night she was elected, with Dr. Jonathan Briggs (left), Director of the Hospitalist Program and Dr. Keith Stahl, Associate Chief Medical Officer. 

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