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Carsey to Takeover “What is New Hampshire?”

Published Thursday Jul 26, 2018

Carsey to Takeover “What is New Hampshire?”

The Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire will now publish the signature research publication of the former NH Center for Public Policy Studies, “What is New Hampshire?”

The goal of the publication is to provide a clear picture of where NH has been, where it is today, and where it might be heading in the future by presenting objective data, charts and graphs on issues ranging from the state economy and its demographics to how it funds its public education.

Eric Herr, chair of the NH Center for Public Policy Studies, that since the organization closed its doors in April after more than 20 years they have worked to ensure that the Center's data, presentations, and studies will continue to be publicly available.

“We are delighted to pass this torch to the Carsey School,” says Herr. “It was important to us to continue this work and we sought a partner that would preserve its quality and non-partisan objectivity and extend its content and presentation. In Carsey, we are confident that we have found that partner.”

To facilitate this transition, the Center has agreed to provide all data and research underlying prior editions and to contribute the Center's remaining financial resources, approximately $35 thousand dollars, to this effort at the Carsey School.

Herr also thanked supporters in an open letter, “Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank those of you who financially contributed to the Center's efforts. Know that your support enabled the Center's research to inform and shape critical public policy debate and decisions on a wide array of topics from tax policy, gambling, Medicaid expansion, demographics, fiscal policy, education and on and on. Your support and the Center made a difference to public policy and the citizens of New Hampshire today and tomorrow.”

The Center has arranged with the NH Historical Society to archive its information. It will be physically available at the Society's offices in Concord and digitally on the Society's website at

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