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Best Company to Work For: Unitil

Published Friday Jan 6, 2023

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Delivers natural gas and electricity to 107,000 electric and 85,000 natural gas customers.

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:

I have the freedom to make the necessary decisions to do my work properly: 85% agree

I am a member of a well-functioning team: 84% agree

Chairman and CEO: Thomas Meissner
Years in Business: 38
Full-time Employees: 516 (393 in NH)
Total Number of Part-time/Temporary or Seasonal Employees: 13 (Benefits provided)
Years on List: 1
Address: 6 Liberty Lane W, Hampton

The average tenure of a Unitil employee is 12 years, and that’s eight years longer than the national average. One reason the company cites is its ability to listen to employees and evolve its culture in response.

When an employee survey showed a need for a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, the company formed one. That, in turn, led to an Employee Resource Group being launched for the company’s women in engineering. And this year, Unitil enhanced its manager training and development program, providing 12 months of classes, to develop its next generation of leaders.

Many office employees are issued a company laptop and/or a personal mobile device so they can work on the go. Customer service managers have the technology at home so take customer calls without leaving home in emergency situations.

Regarding paid time off, employees start at 15 days off annually and receive eight hours of paid time off annually
to volunteer.

The company enhances its health insurance offerings with an employee assistance plan and medical Smart Shopper program. Unitil also reimburses employees up to $400 annually for fitness memberships, classes or equipment. The company also offers more than $4,000 in adoption assistance.

Milestone anniversaries are celebrated every five years with $20 for every year of employment. Employees also receive a bonus for each year they worked when they retire. Employees can be nominated by their peers for the Exceptional Employee Award, which comes with a monetary award.

Unitil also provides tuition reimbursement of $7,500 annually for undergraduate courses and $10,000 for graduate program.

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