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Best Company to Work For: NFI North

Published Friday Nov 4, 2022

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Nonprofit behavioral health agency serving Maine and NH.

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:

I know what my organization is trying to achieve strategically: 97% agree

The mission and purpose of my organization makes me feel that my job is important: 96% agree

Executive Director: Dr. Paul Dann
Years in Business: 30
Full-time Employees: 310 (155 in NH)
Part-time/Temporary or Seasonal Employees: 28
Years on List: 3
Address: 40 Park Lane, Contoocook

NFI North knows the financial hardships families have faced during the pandemic. To assuage those challenges, the organization instituted a $4-per-hour permanent raise in 2020 and another $1-per-hour raise this year. Additionally, direct care staffers received a retention bonus this year of $4,000, and managers received a $3,000 bonus.

Based on employee feedback, NFI developed a vacation buy-back policy where employees can exchange unused vacation for extra pay. NFI also covers the costs of licenses and certificates and expanded its tuition reimbursement program to $2,500 annually.

Each employee participates in 40 or more hours of training and professional development annually. The agency also provides a six-month leadership development training program for those interested in advancing their careers. And, more than 60% of NFI’s leadership team was promoted from within.

Recognition is a big part of the culture. Employees can choose a gift from a catalogue on milestone anniversaries. Employees can also nominate each other for awards (The Courage to Grow Award, The Super Hero Award and the Remarkable Role Model Award.) Last year there were 230 nominations with two-thirds of the agency’s employees taking time to nominate a colleague.

NFI offers a four-day work week, three to six weeks of vacation annually, and the ability to carry over unused sick time, accruing up to six months of sick time. Employees can also contribute sick time to an employee bank to help others suffering from an illness who may require more paid time off.

The nonprofit also provides employees with discounts on Dell computers, cell phones, and oil and fuel.

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