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Best Companies to Work For: Admix

Published Friday Jan 13, 2023

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Manufactures advanced mixing technologies for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:
My firm provides opportunities to socialize and celebrate special events: 98% agree
I am informed about what is happening at this organization: 94% agree

CEO: Mike Rizzo
Years in Business: 33
Full-time Employees: 78 (67 in NH)
Part-time/Temporary or Seasonal Employees: 1
Years on List: 2
Address: 144 Harvey Road, Londonderry

Admix does not have employees. Rather, because of its status as an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company, it has 78 co-owners. And said co-owners receive significant contributions toward their retirement (ESOP and 401(k) and a company bonus of up to 10% of their salary.)

At the annual shareholders’ meeting, co-owners find out how many new shares they are given as well as the value of their ESOP account.

Last year, Admix launched an Innovation initiative where those who have an idea for a new product line that results in a patent are registered as the creator and receive a $5,000 award.

Flexibility is also key. Between April and October, co-owners can work 80 hours over nine days, receiving every other Friday off. Admix is also continuing its pandemic-inspired hybrid schedule, allowing co-owners to work three days in the office and two days at home.

The manufacturer also encourages wellness by providing an onsite gym and showers, company contributions of $750 to $1,800 to health savings accounts and a $150 gift card to any employee who was vaccinated against COVID.

While Admix provides an annual $200 safety footwear allowance, those who work in production and manufacturing also receive a yearly $100 jeans allowance.

And if breakfast is your jam, this is the place for you. All co-owners receive breakfast every Friday. And to prevent the loss of this tradition, during the pandemic, everyone received Dunkin’ gift cards on Fridays. In addition, its annual Employee Appreciation Day kicks off with a fully catered breakfast.

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