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Anthem Launches Tool for Dentists

Published Thursday Aug 22, 2019

Anthem Launches Tool for Dentists

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Manchester launched a tool to give dentists access to patient health histories in real time. Anthem claims the tool allows healthcare providers to co-manage chronic conditions, increase instances of early detection, improve patient outcomes and experiences, and reduce costs for employers and patients.

“Anthem is committed to improving lives and communities, and simplifying healthcare for those we serve. That is why we are continuously looking for ways to improve patient health outcomes and reduce costs for employers,” said Scott Towers, president of Anthem’s Dental division. “Because 90 percent of diseases’ first symptoms are oral, improving early detection is crucial to successful treatment."

By providing dentists with extensive, integrated patient information––including prescription medications, medical diagnoses, care gap alerts and lab test results––the Dental Patient Health History tool offers a comprehensive view of a patient’s health. Anthem says the new product helps dentists better identify new or existing health risks including oral cancer, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, or side effects from medications prescribed by other providers in an effort to mitigate complications and support patient health.

Patients have the option to turn off the Care Alerts feature to the Dental Patient Health History experience. The Care Alerts feature prompts the provider to address health concerns that are present for the member based on their medical and claims information. In the 13 years of having this functionality available on the medical side, the request to restrict member data has only occurred twice.

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