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Americans' Take on Inflation

Published Thursday Oct 31, 2019

Americans' Take on Inflation

A new survey of 1,500 Americans between the ages of 18 and 65+ reveals the opinions of inflation with some interesting results. The study was launched by CPI Inflation Calculator, an online tool which extracts the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and provides up to date metrics on the CPI and US inflation.

The survey asked 1,500 Americans the following question: Do you keep up with inflation?

  • No
  • Yes
  • I don't even know what inflation is

According to the findings of the survey, when asked if they kept abreast of inflation, 56.1% of respondents stated that they did not. Interestingly, when demographic filters were applied to the results factoring specifically females, the percentage leapt to 63.6% . Additionally, an astounding 75.1% of females aged 18 to 24 selected this survey response. Conversely, 59.8% of males from this same demographic indicated that they didn't keep up with inflation, and 48% of all male respondents to the survey selected "no."

Of those Americans who participated in the survey, 30.9% indicated that they did, in fact, keep up with inflation. However, when demographic filters were again applied targeting gender, 38.9% of male respondents said that they kept abreast of inflation, while only 23.5% of female respondents chose the same response. The largest percentage of respondents who indicated "yes," were middle-aged males between 45 and 64, at 42%.  

One possible explanation for this dramatic difference between genders, could be indicative of the fact that typically a higher percentage of males dominate positions within the areas of finance and business, which would warrant them, keeping abreast of inflation.

"It's really interesting to see this percentage difference between males and females, and who actually pays attention to inflation and why. I don't have any definitive answers, but it could illustrate a higher number of males who work in industries where they need to keep up with inflation rates," says Mark Spitz, head editor of

Of the respondents to the survey, 13% of Americans indicated that they didn't know the definition of inflation. When demographic filters were applied, a higher percentage of males , at 13.1% selected this response, while 12.9% of females likewise chose this answer. Interestingly, however, the demographic with the highest percentage of respondents who indicated that they didn't know what inflation was, were females between 25 and 34, at 18.6%.

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