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5 Finalists Chosen to Win Free Marketing

Published Wednesday Aug 22, 2018

5 Finalists Chosen to Win Free Marketing

Savoir Faire Marketing/Communications has chosen five finalists in their contest to win a year of free marketing services. According to a statement, the prize is valued at $75,000 and will be given to the company with the most votes from the public. The five finalists are described below along with a link to vote for that organization.

  • ArgenTech Solutions of Newmarket is a veteran-owned small business providing environmental health assessments, infrastructure inspection, training and security services for the defense and commercial sectors. They utilize high-tech sensors, unmanned aircrafts and software analytics to produce end products crucial to making quality, timely decisions. Vote:
  • Airex Corporation of Somersworth is a third-generation small business offering extensive expertise in engineering innovation and world-class electromagnetic manufacturing. They produce aerospace quality components for military and commercial applications, with the aim of delivering best-in-class technology-based products. Vote:
  • HydroComp of Durham creates software products for maritime vehicle designers are tested and supported by a team of experienced engineers who demonstrate reliable, detailed results, and a thorough workflow. Designers use the tools to confidently conduct technical calculations to reduce carbon footprints, protect marine mammals, and operate efficiently. Vote:
  • SFC Engineering Partnership of Windham is a multi-disciplined engineering consulting firm that provides structural, fire protection and civil engineering, surveying, and accessibility consultation to private, commercial, industrial and municipal markets. SFC offers services including roadway improvements, utilities and drainage design, building design, permitting, sprinkler and alarm design, site planning, feasibility studies, infrastructure improvements, accessibility consultation and design, plan code review, and construction administration. Vote:
  • Tech Needs of Salem began in a family member’s garage and has been serving New England communities by streamlining the job search process for those seeking employment. Tech Needs also assists local employers find talent to grow their businesses and the local economy. Vote:

One vote per email address will be tallied, and the company with the most votes at the end of the voting period wins.

“We were thrilled to receive so many worthy entries to the contest,” Savoir Faire Principal Stephanie McLaughlin says. “It was tough narrowing the contest down. We discovered a remarkable thing along the way. There are so many intriguing businesses here in New England, and while they are masters at their crafts, they need some help marketing themselves.”

Once the winner has been revealed, the years’ worth of free marketing will commence on Monday, October 1, 2018. From there, Savoir Faire will help the winning company solve challenges with the development and implementation of a smart, strategic marketing program, says McLaughlin.

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