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#3 Best Company to Work For: Worldcom Exchange Inc.

Published Wednesday Oct 10, 2018

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Perks are great, but it’s culture that keeps employees. No one knows that better than the organizations on the 2018 list of the Best Companies to Work For in NH. While they offer some amazing benefits and policies, those are just the tools they use to drive the cultures that ultimately engage employees. Here is a profile of one of this year's winning companies:

Designs and deploys IT products and services

President: Belisario Rosas
Years in Business: 29 (27 in NH)
Full-time Employees: 109 (107 in NH)
Part-time/Temporary/Seasonal Employees: 10-25
Years on List: 2
Address: 43 Northwestern Drive, Salem, NH 03079

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:
• Positive relationships exist between employees and management at my company: 100% agree
• I can keep a reasonable balance between work and personal life: 100% agree

Worldcom Exchange Inc., or WEI, isn’t a company where leaders wonder what employees want. Instead, it just asks them. Based on employee feedback, WEI offers: a cafeteria with couches as well as ping pong, Foos ball, and video games; biweekly massages and fitness classes.

WEI has given bonuses for 112 consecutive quarters, with employees receiving, on average, a 13th month of salary each year. This winning company encourages employees to seek certifications and not only covers the cost for all training materials and the testing, but pays employees bonuses of $500 to thousands of dollars for the certifications they achieve. In fact, some employees have achieved more than $25,000 in a single year.

Multiculturalism, dignity, and respect are closely held values at the company. More than 36 percent of employees are ethnic minorities or first-generation Americans, and more than 40 employees are bilingual.

The company also respects the fact that employees have lives outside the office. It offers a paid time off package that ranges from 18 to 30 days, offers a number of flexible schedule options, and any remaining PTO from one year can be paid or carried over to the next year. It also offers paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave. WEI also includes families in special events, such as treating employees and their families to blockbuster movies complete with free popcorn, drinks and pics with movie characters.

Every employee receives four hours per month of paid time off to volunteer, and during the holidays, each receives $50 to give back in any way they see fit, from donating to a favorite charity to a random act of kindness.

To help employees stay healthy, the company offers an on-site gym, exercise classes, and funds an HSA with $700 per quarter and an HRA with $2,000 per year to help families with deductibles. It even offers pet insurance.

Having a bad day? WEI also has a relaxation room outfitted with a comfortable reclining chair, dark shades, and a sound machine.

The company encourages "walking meetings"  outside the building and enters anyone participating in them into a monthly raffle.

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